Zuleta´s Breath Towel


Transmitting the true value of these embroideries is very important, because with each piece Catelina Ec firmly tries to preserve an Ecuadorian tradition, “Zuleta’s hand embroidery”

For the women of this community, embroidery is part of their life, it is their livelihood and I was sure that love for this millenary art carried it in their blood.

Transmitir el verdadero valor de estos bordados es muy importante, porque con cada pieza Catelina Ec intenta firmemente conservar una tradición ecuatoriana, “el bordado a mano de Zuleta”


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   Features: Zuleta Embroidery

    Origin: Zuleta

    Weight: 10g

    Packaging: Cartón / Cartboard

    Código: 3780110

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