About Us


Ecuadores Gallery a private company that in partnership with more than 350 artisans and Ecuadorian producers to properly display and sell their products, from exporters, small and medium-sized private companies, agricultural cooperatives, associations of coffee and cocoa producers, groups of indigenous women, single mothers, designers, artists, photographers, artisans, etc. , offering to the national and foreign client an important offer of more than 10 thousand products with added value, quality, with organic certifications, packaging differentiated and many of them with export quality.

It is currently the most important store in the country that focuses on the promotion of high quality 100% Ecuadorian products.

The parent store of “Ecuador Gallery” is located on Reina Victoria Street No.24-263 and Lizardo García, two blocks north of Plaza Foch, in the heart of La Mariscal,

¨The most cosmopolitan, busy and ¨The Zone¨ active in the city of Quito, it has been operating for ten years with an innovative concept to exhibit, market and promote brands.

    We currently have 12 thematic rooms in our main premises:
  • Chocolate
  • Assorted
  • Eternal Roses
  • Fashion & Contemporary Design
  • Community
  • Jewelry
  • Books & Audiovisuals
  • Natural fiber fabrics
  • Hand embroidery
  • Ceramics
  • Aromas & Personal Care
  • Coffee shop

The business idea “Galeria Ecuador” was born in 2008 and took approximately two years of implementation, in 2010, they began operations.